Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What is there to say?

I honestly don't know. You ever get that feeling where you have something to say, but you just don't even know what it is? Not like you can't find the words, but the topic? Yeah. That's why I'm up at 1:30 am without anything to say.

I just watched LWCC's commitment service online. I love that we have such a focus on volunteering this year. Its always been a big deal in my family. It started off because my mother had to volunteer in the nursery if I was to be in it. She then proceeded to make my dad join a ministry, and then myself and my sister. And I will forever be grateful for it. If it wasn't for volunteering, I do not know where I would be. I'm guessing I wouldn't be volunteering 2 more months at an orphanage in Mexico! And there is no other place I could imagine being right now.

Mexico has indeed stolen my heart. If not the country, then most definitely the people. I love the idiosyncrasies of the people here. To give and receive a hug and kiss from everyone every time you enter a place is pretty fantastic. Its rather refreshing to have appropriate physical contact with a person and not have to worry if it will come off as a sexual thing. I'm learning to appreciate the fact that my male friends will all but force me to walk on the inside of the sidewalk, away from the street, and that they will actually follow me home to make sure I get there safe (Its not like I haven't already lived here for a year and have been driving for several, its that they care, or so I tell myself whenever I lose sight of that fact). I love having 4 boys from 11-17 tell me that I have a squirrel face and that I have boy hair, because I know that with people they don't like, they would never have the audacity to say such a thing. They save the joking around for the person they know understands them, and won't simply jump to conclusions and offense. I love doing mountains of laundry every single day, and wondering how in the world is it possible for them to have gone through this many clothes in such a short amount of time. I mean, really? Everyday they use enough clothes to have me do laundry all day? How?!

There are so many more things I can think of that I love about Mexico, but I must remember that this would never have happened to me if it hadn't been for that forced "volunteerism" when I was younger. If I hadn't learned then that it was much more rewarding to give and bless, than it was to sit back and take, I never would have come here. I never would have met Stefi and learned my ability to make the most awesome faces, or been there to tell her she was beautiful, or hold her when she cried. I wouldn't have been here to comfort her brothers when she was kidnapped, or known to pray for her. I wouldn't have cared that Lino preached a service at church and then went and prayed for people and they got healed? Or that he got the second highest score on the big test in the nation, AGAIN (Way to go!), or seen the change that has taken place over the six years I've been coming down here.

I guess I'm writing about, well, why you should give your life over to God. I'm not talking about being saved, though that is pretty key, I'd say. I'm talking about handing over the reins. Letting Him make your decisions. Trust. Its a terrifying subject for many, but really? Who would you rather have making your decisions? The One who has the answers, a plan, and created all, or yourself, who, if you're anything like me, is inexperienced, often wrong, and in general, flawed? Personally, I think the only wise choice I've ever made was to give my decisions over to Him. Not that I don't take them back ever, or frequently, but truly, its the best decision I've made.

Because, if I hadn't, I honestly believe that I would have gone my whole life without being called a Squirrel Face. And who doesn't want that?

Thanks for reading guys! It means a lot.


  1. I absolutely this, Lauren! I'm glad you're allowing God to hold the reins and use you! I smiled the whole time I was reading this; you honestly inspire me. :)

    I'm gonna miss you at cell group!


  2. I did do something right! I'll NEVER EVER regret that we were encouraged (forced) to volunteer! Without any doubt had we not gotten involved when we started going to church we'd have left and wandered off the path. I'm so proud of you darlin - especially because of the Squirrel Face!

  3. Lauren...I LOVED this! You're a really good writer, did you know that? And not just because of your style of writing (although I do love that too)...but it's how you write from your heart! Beautiful...simply beautiful... Love you!