Monday, November 14, 2011

In Whose Authority?

A while ago, I walked into a store, through the side entrance, grabbed a set of keys, and turned to walk out. An employee who had previously been on the phone, turned around, and let out a very shocked, "You can't be back here! What are you doing?!"

Now, most people would probably have a mild panic attack, being confronted like that. Not me. I just simply turned, and said, "Oh, it's ok! I'm Guy's daughter." I had no reason to be nervous, because I, as the owner's daughter, had my father's authority to be there.

I have never once been worried about walking in to the store, and asking for a boom truck, or calling in to have someone come and pick me up because my car stopped working. I could pretty much do anything I wanted to with the store, because I have the authority to do so (I don't, because I'm not a rotten human being. But I could). And quite similarly, I have the same authority in Christ, and so do you.

The same power that lives in Christ lives in us. It says in Ephesians 1, that we have the same authority that raised Christ from the grave, the power that Christ now uses at the right hand of the Father.  In Colossians, it makes a fairly convincing case that when God looks at us, He no longer sees us, but He literally sees Jesus. When God sees us, He sees us as having hung on the cross. We have the power to move mountains, to kill trees, cure leprosy, have peace in uncertainty, because we have the authority of Christ. We can go BOLDLY before the throne of Grace and Mercy, and come away with what we need! DO YOU GET IT?!?!!! WE HOUSE THE SAME POWER THAT WAS IN CHRIST! The power that created our world? In us. Why do you think pastors are constantly telling us the importance of our words? Because they are POWERFUL!

So why are Christians walking around, timid, heads hung in despair and defeat? I think its because we don't get it. We know ourselves and how messed up we are, and the very idea of us being that powerful is laughable. I mean, really. The idea that anytime I make my pathetic attempts at fixing, improving, or helping something, would in anyway be effective is in fact, hilarious! But then I remember that it's no longer my pathetic attempts, but it is the same power that raised Christ from the grave that is coursing through my veins, and my faith rises, and I can begin to see the darkness tremble.

You know, we've heard it many times that as Christians, we would do greater works than Jesus did while on earth, but I don't think many of us have actually taken it to heart. We think that power is reserved for the preachers, the pastors, the missionaries, the prophets, the evangelists. The "Holy People." Do you know who Jesus had as His disciples? They were not an impressive bunch. One of them was stealing from Him, planning His murder, another chopping peoples ears off, someone else turning away the annoying kids, and STILL He used them! I don't think God is looking for the most impressive people. He's looking for the most willing people. The reason that miracles are happening for the people they are happening for is because they realize its NOT them. It's HIM. And they've realized that they can walk in HIS authority.

God's authority, the one that resides in us, is so much more than we know or can imagine. It's more than miracles taking place in Africa. It's more than healing. It can be for protection, favor, guidance, wisdom, knowledge, talents, providence, and I'm sure many other things that I have yet to understand. And healings? Our authority is for more than just colds in the States. And its not only for the pastors. It's for you, and me. It's for the 14 year old who had never prayed for anyone before, but just believes. It's for the 80 year old who knows the Bible backwards and forwards. It's for the new believers. And most importantly, it's for the World. To set us apart from them, and draw them to us. They are supposed to notice a difference in us, and this is it. Not our self righteousness, the lists of things we do different than they, but our confidence in Him, and the Authority we have through Him.

Let's take that Authority to heart! I want to be known as the woman who houses the power of God inside of her. That the people of the World come and ask me why things go my way, even when everything looked like it was against me, and I would be able to say, "That's Jesus, my God, who is great and mighty. He's the one who should be praised."

Thank you all for reading and sharing! It means so much to me. Thank you. 


  1. Love this!!!! Thanks so much for haring, Lauren!

  2. 2 things you said really 'impressed' me: "I don't think God is looking for the most impressive people. He's looking for the most willing people." and "most importantly, it's for the World."

    Too many times we LABOR to impress which always points to self. If we're going to make a difference, we really do have to follow His lead & kindly take that authority He gives without getting our 'self' in the way.

    Your reminder is a great relief that I can simply be myself!
    Great post Lauren!

  3. ... love

    watch out people for those believers who know that they know that they know their authority and Who it comes from ... great post